LPub - a LEGO documentation pulishing tool

LPub is a program that produces step by step construction documentation from DAT files created using MLCAD.

LPub combines the power of L3P and POV-Ray to make it easy to produce high quality step by step construction documentation for LEGO designs.

After reading the LPub documentation and following the installation instructions in Appendix A, you can automatically produce web pages that lead you step by step through the construction of a design. You can also use LPub to produce publishable book quality documentation just like I do.

LPub was originally designed to assist in creating the artwork for Syngress Publishing's very first LEGO construction book titled 10 Cool LEGO Mindstorms: Dark Side Robots, Transports and Creatures.

The authors are Soren Rolighed, Miguel Agullo, Hideaki Yabuki and Kevin Clague.

You can download LPub using this link at Sourceforge.net.


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